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A collection of websites that could be valuable

Below you will find links to a range of old and new websites that relate to the work of the HRSASA and its members.
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The National website of the HRSA - We are a national organisation with "groups" (or branches) in several States and Territories around Australia. This is the website of the National Office in Melbourne, Australia.

The Historical Wireless Society of South East Queensland - This is the Brisbane and Queensland group that is affiliated with the HRSA nationally. Their website has lots of news about the society's activities as well as useful articles and tips.

The Vintage Wireless and Gramophone Club of Western Australia - This group is the WA affiliate of the HRSA and has a great website with lots of information and useful links too.

Dave's Radio Adventures - This is a link to the "YouTube" Channel of David Tipton - David is a member of the S.E. Queensland group of the HRSA (see link above) - Here is a fabulous collection of short videos in which David restores quite a collection of (mostly) Australian-made radios. He refurbishes cabinets as well as chassis and explains in detail what he is doing in each step so it is easy to follow. There might be 3 or 4 short videos for each radio restored. A highly recommended source of information.

The Kevin Chant website - Kevin is a member of the above group in W.A. - His website has an excellent library of downloadable .pdf documents including circuit diagrams and information, mainly about Australian-made radios and valve-based radio equipment.

The Boat Anchor Manual Archive - Looking for a service manual that is out of print? This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. Do not be tricked into paying for a manual that is available here for free.

Site of Lloyd Butler (VK5BR)
There are well over 100 articles written by Lloyd Butler (VK5BR) that have been published in the journal Amateur Radio over many years. This is a link to his homepage from where you can access his many articles.

Mobile HF Radio at the Woomera Rocket Range in South Australia. This page was also written by Lloyd Butler.

The National Valve Museum
This is one of the best sites you will encounter, located in the UK (East Sussex). It contains a massive amount of information about valves from all eras.

Radio Museum (Sometimes known, or referred to as R Morg)
This is probably the world's most comprehensive website and database for circuit diagrams; valve data, general information and worksheets. Located in the European Union, it houses a tremendous amount of information about vintage radios worldwide. However there are membership restrictions that are required to enable you to make downloads, but it is VERY worthwhile to join. There are lots of HRSA members across Australia who have joined and contribute to this site.

Australian Made Transformer - Historic Information only.
Although this site is largely about Steam locomotives, there is an excellent page covering A&R and Ferguson transformers.

UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration
From the United Kingdom, various repair, data and projects information.

UK Vintage Radio Discussion Forum
As the name suggests, this is a Forum to which you can become a member. There are lots and lots of interesting conversations you can join to find out more, or get help with just about anything that is vintage radio, amplifier, or valve related. It is a highly recommended website and there are many HRSA members who have joined, even though it is UK based.

The information provided in this site is based on information supplied by the HRSA (unless otherwise specified), and is intended only as an introduction and guide to the HRSA for the range of available products, items and services for its own financial members.