Special Sale Day

1:00pm to 3:30pm - Sunday 15th May 2022

A Sale of domestic radios; international/multi-band radios, and some test equipment. This is the collection of HRSASA Member, Mr Bush Ahmad who has decided to sell his collection so he can concentrate more fully on the new directions he has taken in his retirement. All items are in very clean condition and most, but not all, are in working condition.

This sale to be held at Bush Ahmad's private home. The address will be send directly to members before the sale date, and is not to be shared with non-members.



We have prepared a Catalogue of the items for sale. You will note that there are no prices listed. All prices will be negotiated with the seller on the day.

This sale is for HRSASA members only, so prices will not be unreasonable!

Click here to see (and download) a copy of the catalogue.

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