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A Message from the President of the Historical Radio Society of Australia (South Australian Group)

Welcome to the website of the South Australian division of the Historical Radio Society of Australia (HRSA.) We are a fully affiliated group within the national organisation, with the parent society formed in the Australian State of Victoria in 1982. Our South Australian group had its origins in the late 1980s and has steadily grown ever since. Click here to go to the new National Website.

A gentle reminder - For all meetings held at St. Cyprian's Church Hall

Our treasurer has pointed out that our bank balance has been steadily decreasing due to the number of events that have been subsidised. At the same time, we have not been bringing in sufficient funds to replace the money that we need to cover the costs of our regular expenses, for example, the hiring fee for using the St. Cyprian Church Hall. In 2019-20 we will be asking for a gold coin donation at all meetings that are held at the hall. This will not be policed and members who have not donated a coin will not be punished or banned from the meetings, but we do hope that all members understand our need to cover all our costs.

Next Meeting:

Sunday 29th September - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Visit to the home of our Auctioneer, Warren Lane
Details (including address) will be sent to members by email
We will be looking at Warren's extensive collection of amplifiers and radios and check out his extensive workshop.
Today we will also be launching the start of our first building completion for a while…..
We want you to build a ONE VALVE, or ONE TRANSISTOR radio between now and our meeting on Sunday 31st May 2020.
Just to get you started thinking, here is a document that contains designs & plans for 8 different one-valve receivers that you can download and print off.
Click here to take a look.

Future Meetings:

Sunday 6th October

Adelaide Audio Electronics Fair 2019 - Hungarian Club, 82 Osmond Terrace, Norwood, SA, 5067
Opening hours 10:00am to 4:00pm - Doors open for sellers at about 8:30am
This electronics fair is being organised by Miles Essery (and other members of the HRSASA) to try to get accessory items and equipment that many of us are looking for out of peoples sheds and cupboards. It seems that big items, such as whole amplifiers; turntables etc. regularly turn up on Gumtree and Ebay, but not fittings and fixtures; cables and adaptors etc. This is an opportunity to get those "hard to find" bits that only other collectors have in their sheds. Besides, Miles's shed is full and needs to be cleared for the next batch of equipment to come in!
Contact Miles Essery on 0412 932 995 for further information.
Entry will be $5.00 - Tables for sellers can be booked for $20.00 - This event is open to the general public.

Sunday 27th October - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
A “Show and Tell” day featuring PORTABLE RADIOS
St. Cyprian Church Hall, 70 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006
Members are asked to bring along a couple of classic or unique Portable Radios from their collection and speak about them for a couple of minutes, highlighting their features, or uniqueness. They can be battery operated; valve or transistor radios or even mains radios with handles!!

Saturday 14th December - 12:00noon
HRSASA Christmas Lunch
Main Course, Dessert and Coffee

As we did last year, we will be celebrating at the Maid Of Auckland Hotel on South Road, 926 South Road, Edwardstown, SA, 5039
The club is once again going to subsidise the cost to members by $10.00 per person, but we will be asking all members to pay their contribution of $15.00 per person in advance. Details to follow over the next few months.

Sunday 19th January - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Sale Day - This is NOT an Auction, but a fixed price sale of items
St. Cyprian Church Hall, 70 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006
The last sale day we held in 2018 was a big success - Members sold many completed projects and quality test equipment; LP records and other items associated with our hobby.
If you would like to book a table to sell your wares, please get in early and ring the Secretary (Ian Smyth) on 0488-488-776

Sunday 23rd February - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
“Crystal Set Day”
St. Cyprian Church Hall, 70 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5007
Bring, display and demonstrate your collection of crystal sets; crystal set-designs; photos; crystal-set circuit diagrams from the past and present.
Here is a document called "The Boys Book of Crystal Sets" (from 1972) that contains 12 different crystal set designs, from the simple to the complex. Why not have a go at making one of these to bring along to the meeting?
Click here to take a look.
Exhibitors: Can you please install an RCA female socket to the Output of your Crystal Set - We will be providing an amplifier and speakers so we can hear each set and get a "feel" for what you have built.

Sunday 15th March - 10:00am to 4:00pm
“Instruction Day”
St. Cyprian Church Hall, 70 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006
A special all-day workshop for those with minimal experience at radio restoration.
We will be setting up 3 workstations inside the Hall. Each workstation will have an experienced tutor from the Club and there will only be 3 or 4 students per tutor.
Students will bring their own restoration project and pay $10 each to cover Hall hire costs. The HRSASA store will be open for purchasing spares etc. during the day.
(NOTE: This is Not a regular club meeting, but it’s open to members who are interested in signing up for tuition.)

Sunday 29th March - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Regular Club Auction
St. Cyprian Church Hall, 70 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006
This will be our first Auction for the year. If you would like to book a table from which to sell some of your collection, please contact Ian Smyth (Secretary) at sec@hrsasa.asn.au or 0488-488-776, or contact Warren Lane (Auctioneer) at warren.lane@internode.on.net or on 0400-272-556

Sunday 26th April - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Working Visit (To be confirmed)
The Sir Thomas Playford ETSA Museum, 31-33 Broughton Avenue, Kurralta Park
Not just a visit but an opportunity to contribute to their Museum by using some of our members' unique skills - Details to follow.

Sunday 31st May - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
One valve or one transistor radio project
St. Cyprian Church Hall, 70 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5007
Presentation and judging day for the project which will be launched at the September meeting.

Sunday 28th June - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Visit to the National Military Vehicle Museum
10 Sturton Rd, Edinburgh SA 5111
Tony Bell will be our host and guide to this collection of unique wartime vehicles and memorabilia.

Sunday 26th July - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
A.G.M. and Auction
St. Cyprian Church Hall, 70 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006
Your chance to elect a new committee for 2020-21 and to pick up a bargain at the Auction

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