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April 2021 - FOR SALE (Open to all offers) - Beautifully restored and fully working….
A.E.G. Model 44A (1931) Lowboy Console Radio
This is a TRF receiver without regeneration. It has the following valve lineup: 5 : 224 : 224 : 224: 245 : 280
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Cabinet has been beautifully restored and polished. New speaker cloth installed.

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Chassis has been fully restored and repainted to original colours. Speaker in excellent condition.

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As stated, the current owner is open to all offers for the purchase of this fine radio. The person to contact is our HRSASA Liaison Officer, Mr. Alan Taylor. Alan's mobile number is: 0417 859 074 - Or you can contact him by email at:
Feb. 2020
FREE GIVE AWAY - WW2 era UHF signal generator
Warren Lane has a signal generator to give away. He can no longer house it, so now it is a giveaway to anyone interested. From the photos you can see the beautiful engineering both mechanical and electrical to achieve a 600MHz generator at that time. Unfortunately, if a home is not found for it, Warren says it will sadly be dismantled for scrap with only a few components retained. For your information, the unit weighs almost 28kg. (Click here to see photos of the signal generator, and for Warren's contact details.)
Warren's contact details are available from the link above.
Jan. 2020
FREE GIVE AWAY - Rare "Scharnberg Strauss" Model 41 Circuit Diagram
Recently, a member provided Ian Smyth with the circuit diagram for the 1947 Scharnberg Strauss bakelite mantle model 41 which he is now willing to share with other members who are trying to restore one of these popular South Australian made radios. Contact Ian on 0488-488-776 or by email at
Jan. 2020
FOR SALE - Copies of the book, "Adelaide's Early Radios and Tape Recorders" by Neville Ellison
$20.00 (incl. post & packaging) Contact Keith Ellison on 0417 304 028 or by email at This is a full 109 page soft-copy of the book, published in 1996 (and now out of print). DVD with "click me" menu options to view the book on a computer (in low-resolution.) View and print pages/chapters on a computer (in high-res) and view the PDF CX magazine story on the "Ellison Museum of Radio & Magnetic Recording". The DVD can also be inserted into a DVD player to view a short video/audio review of the Museum with Neville Ellison.

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