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November 2021
HMV Radiogram - FOR SALE
Alistair Craill (Member No. 771) has decided to part with one of the radiograms from his collection to create some more space.
It is: an HMV Model: R43B
6 valve Radiogram (Output valve is an 807)

It is complete - as per the 3 photographs below.
The unit is unrestored, and untested

PRICE: $50.00
- With pickup from Lyndoch (Barossa Valley)
Please phone or text Alistair if you are interested, on 0408-243-219

Stacks Image 188
Really substantial, well made cabinet with good quality veneer. Speaker cloth in excellent condition.
Stacks Image 190
Dual-Band radio and original HMV Multi-change record player
Stacks Image 192
Spare stylus (in box) and both original "Service Manual" and "Owners Manual" included.
October 2021
The SA Group has purchased a substantial number of old knobs for radios, TV's and some test equipment . They look like they range from the late 1930's to the mid 1960's.

We have created a "Knob Bank" in order to sell to members at competitive prices. It will be run in a similar manner to the existing valve bank, and will be managed by Committee Members, Keith Ellison and Ian Smyth.

We are in the process of photographing and cataloguing all the knobs and hope to have them online in the near future. We are trying to find the best method of sales that helps members and doesn't create a lot of work!

The knob bank now has it's own email address so send your enquiries with photos if possible) to:
Stacks Image 138
Photographing the knobs on graph-paper might work better than this example.

Giving accurate dimensions will be critical for both buyers and sellers.
Stacks Image 140
Thumb screws or push-ons?

Both he method of attachment and shaft size will also be critical information for buyers and sellers.
Stacks Image 142
Relief and patterning will also have to be captured in photographs for both buyers and sellers.

Decent pictures of small objects like knobs can be tricky to take.
Sept. 2021
Tony Bell is looking to buy an HP 410C V.T.V.M. in good working condition. He thinks there was also a D version. Tony is looking to buy or swap with anyone else who collects these. He has an HP 410B that he is willing to swap. Please contact Tony Bell.
Jan. 2020
FREE GIVE AWAY - Rare "Scharnberg Strauss" Model 41 Circuit Diagram
Recently, a member provided Ian Smyth with the circuit diagram for the 1947 Scharnberg Strauss bakelite mantle model 41 which he is now willing to share with other members who are trying to restore one of these popular South Australian made radios. Contact Ian on 0488-488-776 or by email at
Jan. 2020
FOR SALE - Copies of the book, "Adelaide's Early Radios and Tape Recorders" by Neville Ellison
$20.00 (incl. post & packaging) Contact Keith Ellison on 0417 304 028 or by email at This is a full 109 page soft-copy of the book, published in 1996 (and now out of print). DVD with "click me" menu options to view the book on a computer (in low-resolution.) View and print pages/chapters on a computer (in high-res) and view the PDF CX magazine story on the "Ellison Museum of Radio & Magnetic Recording". The DVD can also be inserted into a DVD player to view a short video/audio review of the Museum with Neville Ellison.

Please let us know if you no longer need this advertisement.

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