Cliff Moule

Interviewer: Ian Hansen

For a short while in the 1920's, Cliff Moule and Bill Walker both attended LeFevre Penninsula Primary School together where a lifelong friendship was forged. Cliff's family moved to Unley a couple of months later, but their friendship was re-kindled when they both attended the Adelaide Technical High School (on North Terrace in Adelaide, adjacent to the School Of Mines - which is now part of the University of Adelaide.)
Cliff, like Bill, took an early interest in making his own crystal sets as 5DN and then 5CL came on air. This of course was during the Depression when parts were hard to get so experimentation and innovation were paramount to success!!

Cliff says he was inspired by his Physics teacher at Adelaide Tech and at least 10 boys from their class entered careers in the electrical/electronics/communications trades principally with the PMG or ADELEC (later known as ETSA). At that time, like Bill, he discovered Philips double-grid valves (PR6) which were relatively inexpensive and perfect for boys/hobbyists to make their own 1 and 2 valve radio receivers.

After leaving school, Cliff joined AWA as a junior-technician/office-boy at about the same time that AWA released their first 240volt receivers. Lots of experimenting with these new radios and circuits took place - but it was not to last! While studying at home (with the Marconi Radio School) to become a ships radio officer, Cliff applied to join Newton McLaren Ltd. but instead, ended up at Louis Cohen & Co as a technician. It was from here that he launched his own career into what was to become the electronics; radio transmission and broadcasting world. At Cohen's he assembled imported Cosser and King branded radios and kits that were sold at Harris Scarfe's Department Store. Soon he migrated directly to Harris Scarfe's and assembled, sold and installed radios directly. They grew their technical department from 7 when he started to over 30 in a few short years before he moved on to going the PMG's Department.

Cliff worked all over South Australia and the N.T. as a Senior Technician undertaking many hairy and hilarious installations of essential communications infrastructure. The parallels between Cliff Mould and Bill Walker's stories are quite remarkable…. and you can hear the rest of his story right here. (DURATION: 1 hour 51 minutes.)

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