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June/July 2018 Newsletter


courtesy of Victor Besz




Transformers Wanted - Miles Essery

I am looking for some A & R power transformers and chokes, so that I can finish the 300B SE mono blocks I am building. I have got them working in mock up form but now need better transformer to go on the stainless steel chassis's.

1 x AR 1892 (100ma) I've got 1

2 x AR 1931 (150ma) or 2 X AR 1935 (175ma)

1 x AR 3040 (100ma) I've got 1

2 x AR 3042 (150ma) or 2 X AR 3043 (175ma)

1 X AR 1939 (200ma)

I would like to find mates for the single ones anyway, but the higher current ones would be better.

Thanks Miles





We are at the moment looking to encourage persons with an interest in historic Radio or indeed historic Electronic related equipment of any kind to join the HRSA. Indeed our current membership already reflects this diversity, including such pursuits as Ham Radio, Audio and even early maritime Spark Transmitters! 








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 Wednesday 11th July


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