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Courtesy of Chris Ratcliff

Philips IC production at Hendon,  South Australia

Philips colour picture tube

Philips telemetry aerial

Radiotelescope at Westerbork



Courtesy of Rob Olding

SA police FM radio system - 1948


Courtesy of Chris Ratcliff

  Beogram 4000 Turntable ETI 1973    

  Modern Turntable Technology ETI 1980

  More power to 2UW 1934

  Astor expands in NSW 1935

  Van Ruyten Radio factory 1935

  New Mickey Mouse is small on size only 1935

  Assorted radio ads 

  Philips new battery valves 1934

  1935 Melbourne Radio Show



Audels Radioman's Guide - 1946   Theory construction and servicing including Television and Electronics

6v6 equivalents

A Beginner's guide to Radio - 1956

How the Cathode Ray Oscillograph is used in Radio Servicing - 1943

Australian Radio Make and Model List

Basic Radio -the essentials of electron tubes and their circuits - 1942

The nature of Q

A Wide-Range V H F Impedance Meter 

Signal Generator and Receiver Impedance   to match........ or not to match

A Substitute for Meters in Bridge Circuits

Cabinet Refinishing Part 1

Cabinet Refinishing Part 2

Capacitor Reformer VMARS

Q Measurements

Collecting and Restoring Vintage Radio - Stenning

Continuity Tester   very handy   

Converting Battery Portables to Transistor Operation

Coyne Electrical - Radio Trouble shooting Manual 1946

Crystal Diode Circuit Kinks 1952

Doerle Shortwave Receiver

Ducon Styroseal Capacitors 1961


Field and Bench Testing of Radio Parts 1937

How to build Free Power Radios

Radio and TV Test Instruments - Gernsback

Valve Data Book

Impedance Matching Networks - Pads - Volume Controls

Impedance Matching - A Primer Jaycar

Tubes within Tubes

Manual Of Simplified Radio Servicing

Capacitors, Magnetic Circuits and Transformers

The Measurement of Choke Coil Inductance

Meccano Radio 1922

Troubleshooting with the Oscilloscope

Mystery Radio

Philips - Early Radio Wave Detectors

PW - A Triple Function Tester

A Versatile Instrument - The Q Meter

Quick Henry

Receiver Hum

Receiver Noise and Intermittent Reception

Speaker Cone Math

Service that Meter Movement

Resonance and Alignment

The Restoration of Valved High Frequency Communications Receivers

Roll Your Own Output Transformer

Replacing Selenium Rectifiers

Service Valve Equivalents RSGB 1947

Some Basics for Equipment Servicing

Spectrum Analyser Tutorial

Star Trek Radio

Build the Super Marker Generator

Sylvania Tube Substitution Manual - 1953

Sylvania - 28 uses for Junction Transistors

Sylvania - Performance Tested Transistor Circuits

Sylvania - How to Service Radios with an Oscilloscope

Sylvania - Servicing Radio and Television with a Vacuum Tube Voltmeter

The VTVM - How it Works and How to Use it

Tips on Winding Coils

Transistor Circuit handbook for the Hobbyist

Philco - Trouble Shooting Tecniques

RCA Radiotron Tube Manual

GE Radio Tube Substitution List

Checking Receivers by Measuring Input Currents

Vacuum Tubes the Hard Way 1

Vacuum Tubes the Hard Way 2

Vacuum Tubes the Hard Way 3

Wired Wireless for the Experimenter

Tektronix - The XYZ's of using a Scope

Probes - Zucconi 1955



























































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