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A Warm Welcome to New Members




A Message from the President of the HRSAís South Australian Group:


Welcome to the Website of the South Australian Group of the Historical Radio Society of Australia (HRSA), fully-affiliated with the parent society formed in The Australian state of Victoria in 1982. Our group had its origins in the late 1980s and has steadily grown ever since. 

We are very keen on enlisting new members with a view to expanding our interests in this fascinating pursuit. While at the time of formation, our prime concern was the collection and restoration of the earliest radios dating back as far as the early part of the twentieth century, we have expanded into other areas of electronic collection and preservation. For example, we now have a considerable number of members that are involved in Ham Radio and Valve Audio dating from the mid-twentieth Century and more recently Transistor Radios as these become more popular. We are very keen on encouraging young members as many of our more senior members have reached saturation point, having insufficient room to accommodate more collectibles. 

We hold regular auctions (open to members only), where prices are far lower than one would expect for example at on-line auction sites or auction houses. Parts, valves, test equipment and radios are plentiful at our auctions, all at reasonable prices. Speaking personally, prior to joining the HRSA, my options for collecting were virtually restricted to scanning newspaper for-sale columns and second-hand dealers. A very unrewarding experience when compared to the resources and friendships formed through HRSA membership. 

The assistance and guidance available from our members, many who have worked in various facets of the industry is invaluable and they are only too keen to help novices get into the activity. You donít need to be an Engineer or Technician either, as many members simply restore the cabinets and radio chassis, leaving the technical repairs to those more expert in that field. However, many members that enter this hobby with little or no technical training soon learn enough to fix most of the faults that occur and soon require little assistance. 

It is also worth noting that it requires little financial investment or space to get started in this rewarding activity, so give it some thought. Drop us an email and you are most welcome to attend a meeting as our guest before making any commitment. Hope to see you soon!

























Updated: 7th August 2013